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Activate Masamune: Maiden Japan Revives Black Magic M-66

Salvador G-Rodiles: ''Back when I lived in Houston, I was given the chance to catch Black Magic M-66 on Action Channel when I was hanging out at a friends place. From what I remember about my experience with the OVA, it was an intense story where a group of characters had to stop two military robots that are on a search and destroy mission that involve the assassination of their creator's granddaughter.

In the name of bringing out more Shirow Masamune titles, Maiden Japan is teaming up with Sentai to reactivate Black Magic M-66 as a DVD and digital release. However, Maiden's version won't come with the English dub that was present in the previous release, which is the only downside that's present so far.''

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koga881857d ago

Mmm, while DVD is nice I suppose, the lack of the English dub seems like a waste at this point. Its good for those who don't own the VHS tape but it will likely not see a major visual improvement given the age and probably zero special features of any kind, so it's probably inferior to the original release.