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Super Saiyan 3 Goku vs Bills – New Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Video

Plus Bills and Whiss also talk about Goku's battle with Frieza.

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tayz1917d ago

hot damn that quality!!! so nice!!

FlameBaitGod1916d ago

yeah and for those who don't know... if you click cc option u get subtitles

Hergula1917d ago

That was wicked awesome!

tayz1917d ago

i know!! Goku at SS3 couldn't even touch him! Bils would have easily defeated Buu if he was alive

Hergula1917d ago

You mean Buu would be able to kill Bils.

adorie1916d ago

No. I'm late to this discussion, but Bils is on another level. I don't even think GT's SSJ4 could touch him, or Gogeta/Vegito

Rumor has it, not even the SSJG was enough in this movie, to over come Bils.

Bils is a pretty interesting character from what I have seen of him. He was beating SSj3 with the mere tip of his finger.

I've never seen SSJ3 take a pathetic beating in all the forms existence.

GenericNameHere1916d ago

And imagine, Bils is the WEAKEST God. Whis is already confirmed to be stronger than him. Can't wait for the other Gods! (if they do show up and show their powers)

Yeah, I don't know if it's real or not, but SSJG Goku does little to no damage to Bils, gets defeated pretty easily, and is a setup for a follow-up movie

tayz1917d ago

Nope I mean Bills kill Buu cause SS3 Goku vs Buu was a competitive fight. Bills was just toying with SS3 Goku.

gunnerforlife1916d ago

It really depends which buu you're talking about! If it's the buu that absorbed gohan(in the Manga that Buu was also toying with goku s3), then I think it would be an even fight between bills and Buu, but if ur talking about kid Buu then I understand!

DEATHxTHExKIDx1917d ago

Damn Bills made that look WAAAAAY to easy.

d4sholil11917d ago

Haaaaa, just a set up for Goku's god mode. Must be waaay superior to GT's take on super saiyan 4.

tayz1916d ago

if only one day we get a SSGod vs SS4 battle... every dbz fans dream come true!!!

d4sholil11913d ago

It would be interesting, and I would not be too excited for it. They would not be able to kill each other, they would just become friends and go back to their respective parallel universe haaa. Maybe a super saiyan 4 Gogeta vs god mode Goku. That would be interesting...Yes.

Zefros1916d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.