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Luke’s Spring 2013 Anime Picks

Luke Halliday writes:
"The Spring 2013 anime season is fast approaching and like I did previously for Winter 2013, I will be detailing my top picks for Spring 2013. As has become a trend over the past few years Spring is quite a jam-packed anime season, so much in fact that I doubt I will have the time to watch all the series that I’d like to. This list will as such not include every series that has me interested, but instead my top picks of a season full of potentially brilliant anime. Without further adieu, these are the series that I will be watching this season of anime"

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LinkageAX1828d ago

Completely disagree, most of these looks so incredibly terrible.

futurefrog1828d ago

Come on man stop trolling Attack on Titan looks amazing dude

koga881827d ago

While he is dumb for disagreeing entirely, I cannot find myself motivated to watch that Attack on Titan anime. Maybe, at best, I'll give it a first episode attempt, but probably not.

masterabbott1827d ago

I have to agree Attack of the Titans is a pretty good anime, and definitely worth watching.

anime_swag_pro1827d ago

Have you even given any of them a try or are you just being controversial for the sake of it?

LinkageAX1827d ago

Not trolling, just none of these hold any kind of interest to me.

Subby1828d ago

I'll be trying most of these, but I doubt I'll keep watching beyond a few. Need to cut down..

badboy991827d ago

feel ya pain i watch too much and have not enough time bro

koga881827d ago

Seems that that mermaid anime may be pretty popular. I'm going to have to check that one out for sure. Also what the world is with the chibi looking fist of the north star thing?

futurefrog1827d ago

Muromi-san looks hilarious to me so does that weird ass super-deformed Fist of the North Star lol. Ken looks so funny in chibi form.

koga881827d ago

Mmm, I try to avoid chibi shows whenever possible. Puchimas is a nice two and a half minute diversion but if it's some full half hour show then I wouldn't be able to deal with it that much chibi at one time.

anime_swag_pro1827d ago

I agree with Koga on not liking chili shows. They are creepy.

masterabbott1827d ago

why is mermaid anime so popular? i dont get it and havent been able to get into it myself.

koga881827d ago

Eh, I think because it's fresh. The only other Mermaid anime that I know of is My Bride is a Mermaid and that is six years old now. Plus the girl spent most of their time human looking, so this one is a change of pace.

anime_swag_pro1827d ago

I don't know if I'm going to watch all of these, but I'm trying to diversify my taste in anime so ill try.

militissanctus1827d ago

I've never heard of half this stuff, but some of it looks pretty sweet.