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Final Fantasy Versus XIII Reportedly Renamed FFXV, Is PS4 Exclusive

The rumour comes from VGLeaks, one of the more reliable sources of next-gen information in the build up to Sony's PS4 reveal last month.

According to the site, Square decided to halt FF Versus XIII PS3 development two years ago, when it switched the game to a PS4 exclusive and Sony came on board as a co-developer, "helping with assets among other tasks".

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Hergula1885d ago

Wasnt this confirmed awhile ago? I mean the title?

Either way, Im happy to hear its a PS4 Exclusive, dont offence, but I prefer Sony´s playstation over other consoles.

gaffyh1884d ago

No it wasn't confirmed, and it still isn't.

Hergula1884d ago

Well, I remember this being mentioned awhile ago already, mightve just sumbled upon a rumor then.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1884d ago

I kinda hope it still comes to PS3. Cause im gonna feel like i got screwed over. I had VsXIII in mind when I bought a PS3. If it dosent oh well I plan on getting a PS4 anyway at some point.

Hergula1884d ago

I agree with ur statement though. While I have nothing against a game being an exclusive, it seems odd for it to be only for the PS4 and not for the PS3.

LoneWolf0191884d ago

I got no problems with this. Just means its getting closer to finish, and then we will finally know that KH3 will start being made. So if this is true, hurry up and announce it. If not, get ready for another 10 years before KH3 -_-

Mustang300C20121884d ago

8 years later is being closer to completion because of a name change?

jiggyteddy1884d ago

How can people have versus in mind for their ps3 purchase when you knew nothing about the game?

wishingW3L1884d ago

there's actually lots of info and trailers about the game. Look for them.

SynGamer1883d ago

So...FFX AND FFX-2 for PS3/Vita (doubt there will be cross-buy)? Sold! Just waiting for amazon to put up the Vita pre-order up.

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