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Burning Questions: Has an Anime Ever Made You Angry?

Anime Vice: ''One of the more uncomfortable sections of fandom - - whether it's with anime, video games, comics, or otherwise - - are those who go completely out-of-control mad. Often, it’s through a typically lengthy blog post, wherein the offended party proceeds to throw friend and foe alike under the bus. He (or she) has been wronged, and they’re out to let everyone know about it.

And while some enter the fray to diffuse the aggression, others bask in the sidelines and ask, "WHY?!?!" What could make you so upset to disturb the relative peace of the internet?

...and has it ever been anime?''

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Hergula1888d ago

Well... it has never really made me angry... I mean it has made me feel a bit mad possibly, but Ive never been really angry, well maybe sometimes.

Eoure1887d ago

Not to the point of anger, I usually just think "how dumb is this..." The last one that really bugged me I think it was Guilty Crown mostly because of the Main Character (Ouma Shou) being a wuss.

Simon_Brezhnev1887d ago

Plenty made me mad. Especially when the main character is a weak, stupid, or a coward.

Hergula1886d ago

I believe that it depends on as to why the character acts weak, stupid or cowardly, those are just personality traits for some minor characters in anime, every anime has one of each.... usually.

Simon_Brezhnev1886d ago

Not really i guess i should say in battle animes i hate dumb characters the most. Usually the main character is dumb and strong or smart and weak.

DivineHand1251886d ago

Any anime where a female is raped or taken advantage of and the main character is powerless to do anything pisses me off to the point where I'm like "Main hurry up and kill those guys now".

Hergula1886d ago

Never seen any anime that includes rape...

gunnerforlife1886d ago

i think he got anime confused with Hentai :') loool

DivineHand1251886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Recent Anime I've seen with rape

Mirai Nikki - Ai Mikami got raped when her jealous classmates led her into a trap. Tsubaki Kasugano also got raped by the members of her cult.

Btooom - Himiko's friends got raped by the men they were supposed to be doing a mixer with.

Recent Anime I've seen where females got taken advantage of.

Accel World - Chiyuri was taken advantaged of by Noumi and Haruyuki couldn't do anything about it because he was too weak.

Sword Art Online - Near the end Asuna was being taken advantaged by Nobuyuki Sugou while Kirito was restrained. That bastard tried to rape Asuna right in front of Kirito.

Simon_Brezhnev1886d ago

There is a lot of anime that has rape just dont show the scenes.