Naruto Shippuden: April 2013 Schedule

Four episodes of the anime as fillers continue.

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tayz1434d ago

studio pierrot is such a d.bag. another month of fillers!?! wtf are they smoking!!????

kingrj1434d ago

Wow, what are they thinking? These don't even sound like the war anymore

tayz1434d ago

they aren't!! these all sounds like those fillers part of filler hell from a few years ago. damn anime creators!!!

Jeenoman1434d ago

That's a fitting image. Naruto's expression was the same as mine when reading "Four episodes of the anime as fillers continue."

tayz1434d ago

hehe thanks, i try my best to pick the top images! i was real dissapointed. when i read the news too.

VitaOwner1434d ago

Thank god I read the manga. I just watch the anime for the big fight scenes.

Saviior951434d ago

Are these fillers any good? Since I read the manga my only reason to watch the anime is for the unique filler stories.