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Are You There? Fafner: Exodus Will Be 26 Episodes Long

Salvador G-Rodiles: ''For countless years, I have been waiting for the official broadcast date of Fafner: Dead Aggressor: Exodus -- similar to the same levels that Kazuki had to go through after the season one's ending. Silly enough, Fafner isn't even present in my list of favorite mecha animes; however, there's still enough enjoyable content for it to make me a loyal viewer.

Xebec is still keeping their mouths shut on the whole project, but we now know that Exodus is going to be 26 episodes long. Following in the trend that Fafner: Heaven and Earth started, the new TV series will take place two years after the film's ending; meaning that Kazuki and his long lost buddy will start off with a stronger bond in the next story.''

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Hergula1946d ago

I absoloutly love Fafner, mainly because the characters are created by the same person who created characters for Gundam Seed: Hisashi Hirai.

Im looking forward to this though, its extremely exciting!