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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods TV Spot 5, New Scans

The new scans shows character art, including that of the Super Saiyan God!

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tayz1134d ago

my friend was talking to me and he said this is just SSGod Level 1. there could be more levels like a regular super saiyan if the dbz series continues!!

DarkBlood1134d ago

seems like thats possible makes fusion useless for goku now lol :P

zerocrossing1133d ago

Could be start of a brand new series, that'd be awesome!

pr0t0typeknuckles1132d ago

i really hope so,because it looks very dissapointing,and imo super sayain 4 looked more like a god form than this.

DarkBlood1134d ago

least i know what to expect commercial wise if i wasto ever live in japan lol damn its short

kenoh1133d ago SpamShow
GenericNameHere1132d ago

You know, looking at Android 18, I still can't believe Krillin got the jackpot!

Krillin, you suck and die alot and became useless ever since the beginning of the Frieza Saga, but you're one extremely lucky manga/anime character!

On topic, SSJG Goku and SSJG Vegeta, HOOOOO!!! SSJG Vegeto or Gogeta in the next few movies, I'm betting on that!

kingjoker341132d ago

how is he lucky,,hes a cartoon person, not real, so his luck is based on how his character is written