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FUNimation: Buy Existing DBZ Titles to Get Battle of Gods

FUNimation, the company behind the fantastic English dub of Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) knows we want the latest movie in the franchise, Battle of Gods. Toei, the company behind the original Japanese version knows we want Battle of Gods. So will we get Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods? Most likely, the question is just a matter of when.

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tayz1858d ago

change the pic! its the same as mine! :p

koga881856d ago

It's a very rare occasion that tayz uses a different picture for a submission in the first place so it's pretty surprising this is a double.

Anyways on topic, that reeks of the type of crap Ubisoft and EA pull on fans. Oh if you like this then buy more of our past releases and we'll maybe think about it. They'll localize it anyways since they know it'll sell, this will just help push DBZ sales up for a bit.

kingPoS1857d ago

I can only hope they'll resume the Dragon Ball Z bluray releases.