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First Impressions: RDG Red Data Girl | Sekijitsu

Umizi: ''How do the Japanese name their shrine maidens? I would like to start off my first impressions of RDG by focusing on how strange a name Izumiko is. As you probably know by now, Umizi is just the letters of Izumi rearranged, so I immediately hold some sort of connection to our protagonist, but I still can’t get over that 子 tacked onto the end of her name. Her mother’s name is Yukariko – while Yukari is a perfectly fine name, is that 子 really necessary? Really?

Anyhow, I watched RDG with the nagging feeling that Izumiko was Madoka Magica’s beloved Akemi Homura before the story arc, what with the red glasses and the braids and the inadequate personality. I’m twitching with how painfully shy and bland Izumiko is – of course, this can give way to major character development but I can’t like her. Not yet.''

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