Gurren Lagann DVD and Blu Ray Re-release

Aniplex of America has announced that they plan on re-releasing Gurren Lagann in North America in two new bundles.

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koga881910d ago

Wow... I mean really? Who in Aniplex of America thought that price was a good idea? How many are they expecting to sell here? 2? It's getting to the point where anytime Aniplex licenses anything you may as well just sigh and never plan on buying it or go ahead and start saving your money up because it's pathetic now.

anime_swag_pro1910d ago

This does nothing but drive people to find alternative ways to get the same content.

koga881910d ago

Thing is, at this point anyone who cares about the series has already seen it and might own an older DVD release by now. If you had that much disposable income to drop that much cash on one anime release, that equals the price of 10-12 anime series alone, then you probably should be spending your money on something else.

masterabbott1910d ago

are the serious! over $600 for an anime series? Are the MAD! who would buy this? honestly.. this is not normal!

Deadpool6161910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

This reminds me of anime prices back in the late 1990's. Trigun Pioneer dvds were $30 dollars each, when Trigun first appeared for home video. All 8 dvds added up to $240 dollars. The first and last dvd in the original contained 4 episodes, while the other dvds only had 3 episodes. It was a pain collecting them all at a decent price.

Back on topic, there's no way I'm buying Gurren Lagann at those prices. They've got to be out their damn minds selling it for that much in this anime economy.

nadav1910d ago

I like Gurren Lagann but this price is way too much. And to those of you who think THIS is expensive... the Fate/Zero BD edition was twice that price (if you bought both parts that is). I sure hope Aniplex of America will stop releasing series that I like, because more than 300$ on an anime series is a no go for me.

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