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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Now in Theaters, Special Preview

Today is March 30, 2013 in Japan, the anticipated release day of the first DBZ movie in 17 years, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. (Anime, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods)

tayz  +   727d ago
I hope they release this online very soon. Not more than a month wait, please!!!
kingrj  +   726d ago
The movie won't come out until next year in the usa. Japanese always have first preference
tayz  +   726d ago
don't think the worst!! it might come earlier, it must!! or else it's just gonna get bootlegged if it gets out in japan first.
MaleManSam  +   725d ago
Now its time to wait for the dubbed version.
-MD-  +   725d ago
Saviior95  +   725d ago
Super Saiyan Sigh.
Saviior95  +   725d ago
I think we will be waiting until it comes out on DVD in Japan for a decent subbed version, probably about 8 months to a year like it is with Naruto Movies.

As for Dubbed itll be about 3 years since they have to translate it and change it soo much that it will become S**t.
Deadpool616  +   725d ago
Translating and dubbing is no easy task. When your dealing with different languages, the structure of the sentences are much different, along with jokes and sayings that we wouldn't understand in our language. Not to mention people expect every word to match the mouth movement of the character in English speaking countries, while it's not such a big deal in Japan. Subs can be more accurate because they have no set of restrictions when it comes to fitting the words to the mouth. Which is what the dubbing process has to deal with. None the less, liberties are taken with subs during the translation as well, in order for the audience to understand.

Dubbing has been getting a bad rep when it doesn't deserve it. I could understand why you would think a dubbed anime would be bad 15 years ago, but the process has come a long way within the decade. Viz, Bandai and Funimation have done a great job at translating and maintaining the original contexts of what is spoken. Whatever is translated is different from the original, no matter if it's subbed or dubbed. Some languages don't fit together as easily as others.

The same process happens in video games as well. The majority of the Pokemon names were changed to better fit the look of them and make them easier to remember in other countries. http://bulbapedia.bulbagard...
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aDDicteD  +   718d ago
the video showed only a little preview on the movie. Cant wait to watch this one!

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