Final Fairy Tail Episode Ends With 'To Be Continued' Message

Creator Hiro Mashima stated earlier this month that anime was 'not over yet'.

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iChii1395d ago

Please don't be continued..

getsu1395d ago

Why? You don't have to watch if you don't like it. It's so selfish to think, that something shouldn't exist if you don't like or need it.

iChii1394d ago Show
loloxswan1390d ago

WHAT THE HELL ?! Why're u saying that ? =/
well, IF u hate it , don't watch it , but don't wish such things! well if u say so , I wish the anime u watch will end soon AND WITHOUT AN ENDING!!

yaz2881395d ago

at least I hope another studio would do it. A1 are not doing a good job with it.

wishingW3L1394d ago

how are they not doing a good job when they are following the manga piece by piece? Or are you talking about something else? Because I read the manga and the anime is exactly the same.

yaz2881394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

I am talking about the anime in general. It got allot of shit in the production part, starting with the animation. For a show about fighting its so bad. The manga however is so brutal in comparison and bloody (and the anime just take the echi part.. wtf?). Although I did enjoy the anime but I hope it would be better than this.

A1 did a fine job on blue exorcist I wish they do the same for fairy tail.

loloxswan1390d ago

I wish they complete it soon :3 <3
I can't wait to see Natsu xD

Natsu1231390d ago

So it is deffinatley coming back?