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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods First Day Sales

The movie makes over 300 million on day one. It's expected to eclipse Toei’s goal of 3 billion by 240 million yen.

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tayz1790d ago

booooo! i thought it would own film z. i am very dissapoint!!

gunnerforlife1790d ago

read it properly lol
the stats are only up to 1pm, meaning its got 11 hours to top One Piece

tayz1790d ago

ohhh i didn't see that!! whoaaaaa! its gonna smash One Piece then!!!hell ya!!!!

gunnerforlife1790d ago

I hope it does! if this becomes a major success, i can bet you anything theyll want to create a new manga out of it :D ahhh one can only dream :(

tayz1790d ago

haha that is the best dream!! my friend was going nuts when he heard they might make more dbz if this is a success. he just started watching the show less than a year ago.

Deadpool6161790d ago

I think Akira Toriyama likes the movie making process even more. It's much easier on the wrist when all he has to do is come up with character designs and a story. Making a manga would be awesome, but he probably wouldn't want to go through the long process of making it.

The biggest question on my mind now is if he's going to negate Dragon GT in the process of making these movies?

kingrj1790d ago

All we need is for the movie to exceed the goal for a sequel

tayz1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

it needs to destroy the goal!! i want to see several squeals and a new series!! DBZ 4ever!!! Naruto too :)

nadav1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

News update: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods just passed the 9,000 million dollars in tickets' money. It's officially the biggest blockbuster of all times!

aDDicteD1783d ago

Glad to see that this Dragon Ball Z movie is doing so well! Cant wait to watch this!