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Submitted by Marow 1039d ago | opinion piece

Rating Anime - What Makes a 10/10 Anime?

Anime Viking writes:

"How do you rate anime? Are you a harsh critic or do you give out high scores even if you dislike it?

Exactly what makes a 10/10 anime?

And why?" (Anime)

Saviior95  +   1039d ago
I think what really makes a 10/10 anime is what you would expect out of a 9/10 anime, with the added bonus of improved English Dub so that its enjoyable for people who don't tend to watch it.
Marow  +   1039d ago
Huh? So you need an English dub for that...?
SynGamer  +   1039d ago
A solid English Dub can make an ordinary subbed title from Japan really stick out. Generally speaking, anime is about the characters/setting. If the characters are voiced well, and bring emotion and "character" to the story, that's a win in my book.

I'm not saying subbed can't obtain 10/10, but most of the time when something comes over from Japan, we already know it will be subbed by default. So that additional effort for the dubbing (if done well) can drastically improve a title.

Take for instance Cowboy Bebop, a classic. The English dub cast for that was phenomenal. Had they gone the traditional route of terrible Eng voice actors for that, it wouldn't have been the same, and surely not as good.
mamotte  +   1039d ago
My native language isn't english so... speak for yourself. Also, usually a lot of information get lost in translation.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1038d ago
It depends on a lot of things. My favorite animes of all time are 10s but its been some 9/10 lately.
NeXXXuS  +   1038d ago
Excellent story, artwork, good voiceovers for both japanese and english, memorable characters and being able to watch the same anime all over again without becoming bored of it. I have several anime on my shelf that I have seen multiple times and they are some of the better ones in anime history, not just current. I don't really like too many current anime because the art style is cliched and i can't really get into it.
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wingman32x  +   1038d ago
For me it's quality of story, animation quality, soundtrack, endearing cast, lasting impact, and rewatchability. A 10/10 anime has to at LEAST be great in every single category, with at least a couple of aspects being remarkable. I'm very stingy with 10's. 9's, 8's, and even some 7's signify an anime I would recommend, but a 10 is something I want to be special, so I hardly use it.
Marow  +   1038d ago
It's interesting reading your thoughts! As I wrote in the post, it comes down to the whole for me. A poor soundtrack can be ignored if everything else is lovely, for example. Or if there were some dumb twist.
wishingW3L  +   1038d ago
there is no why there is only terrible taste, good taste and those that haven't seen much.
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aiBreeze  +   1038d ago
I can't think of many 10/10 animes tbh let alone how I'd judge them. For me, the only 10/10 that I've seen that comes to mind is Clannad and AS, that was something that regardless of interests, could be enjoyed by anyone and had the ability to make the viewer feel every sort of emotion and then some in the case of AS.
Greyslash  +   1038d ago
I agree, Clannad was 10/10, I say if an an anime can make me feel for the characters, and especially make me cry (Clannad had me bawling like a 2 year old) it deserves a 10/10 rating. Also, which anime is AS?
Marow  +   1038d ago
He most likely means Clannad After Story :)
GEO9875  +   1038d ago
10/10 needs good story, good writing, good art. Ect
Hergula  +   1038d ago
Well that can be broken down to categories.

-Character Designs
-Character development
-plot twists/turns
-Voice Acting
-If it is a sequel, you compare it previous film/show (A little)

Etc. etc., but those are pretty much the key elements in an anime review, yet I mightve left somethings out, just named the things that popped up in my mind.

But what Im saying is that, many things have to fall right into place for an anime or even a movie to be a 5/5 or a 10/10. Yet I do believe not everything has to be perfect for an anime/film or anything for that matter, to get a full score.
coolbeans  +   1033d ago
That's a good list, and I agree not every facet needs to be perfect to receive a 10/10.
Hergula  +   1033d ago
That is true, many anime that I love wholeheartedly do are incredibly well done, yet there are some issues here and there, yet if I would review them, they will get a full score. Not everything has to be perfect.

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