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Didn't Like Hollywood's Dragon Ball Movie? Well, Neither Did Dragon Ball's Creator

Hollywood's take on Dragon Ball sucked. Sucked badly. If you thought that, you were not alone. Dragon Ball's creator Akira Toriyama wasn't thrilled either.

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SynGamer1693d ago

Who *didn't* hate this was pure garbage.

Trunkz Jr1691d ago

It seriously sucked and I'm a huge fan...

sikbeta1691d ago

The chicks were pure beauty though, that's the only thing good about that damn awful movie

deep_fried_bum_cake1691d ago

There are a lot of films that can be described as cinematic turds. This movie somehow managed to be one level worse than that.

kingPoS1691d ago

I'm glad I've only seen the trailer, and even that was bad.

Saviior951691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Possibly the most pathetic film in the series, and theres 18 of them...

Hergula1691d ago

I have not watched the film, but after seeing the trailer, Im not surprise people hate it.

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