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Naruto 627 Review: 4 Strongest Zombies, 3 Monsters and 1 Idiot – An Epic Chapter!

whatswithjeff.com: "Naruto chapter 627 was recently released. What else can I say about this chapter? Totally F*k’n Epic! The last few scenes almost made my tears fell from my eyes. Alright, good thing that Sasuke made the right decision. It’s a good thing that he was able to realize the importance of the village and he must do whatever it takes to protect it. Watch out Madara cause 4 strongest zombies, 3 monsters and 1 idiot are coming to kick your ass. And oh yeah, lets not forget the cowardly Suigetsu who is trying to escape. Please continue reading my Naruto 627 review below." (Manga, Naruto)

Saviior95  +   721d ago
Ohhhh Sheeeeittttt! Who would of expected that outcome? There is bound to be another turn of events if you ask me? Will Madara turn him back? Most likely.
deep_fried_bum_cake  +   721d ago
I don't believe for a second that he is going to the battlefield for good reasons. I don't think Madara will have any influence on him as I think he'll cause havoc anyway.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   719d ago
People been predicting this for a while. I already see the outcome they team up and take down Madara. Sasuke will be on trail for his crimes. Naruto will plead for him like the hypocrite he is and get him a pardon.
PropheV  +   720d ago
I bet the reason Oro is so helpful is because he wants Madaras body instead of Sasukes now.
whatswithjeff  +   720d ago
Perhaps, but he did say that he will follow Sasuke. Maybe he was JUST following Sasuke after all.
wishingW3L  +   720d ago
you think his body transfer would work on dead bodies/zombies?
PropheV  +   720d ago
Nope, but Madara said he wants to be revived right? :-)
d4sholil1  +   719d ago
I don't think a body transfer would work becaus ein order to use the real world resurrection jutsu, you need a host body; so there is no telling who's body Oro would get if he attempted that. @PropheV...Madara planned to be revived through one of the Pains, but instead as we see he was resurrected through Kabuto's jutsu due to Naruto's defeat of all of the Pains. The crazy thing is Madara figured out how to cancel the jutsu and remain in the state that he is in.
JetP0619  +   720d ago
orochimaru is simply curious as to what will happen. he isnt interested in madara, let alone a dead body. Right now he is neutral when it comes to the war but he is definitely on sasuke's side.
Saviior95  +   720d ago
Alright Masashi Kishimoto, if you know this, can you please tell us the ending? ;)
Rai  +   720d ago
to bad its on break next week...
whatswithjeff  +   720d ago
What?! Are you sure? were did you get that info?
AWWW man!
Rai  +   720d ago
read that bottom of the last page. it'll be on break next week, with a double chapter the following week and break the week after that because of golden week.
1Victor  +   720d ago
At The End Of The Manga It Say No Chapter Next Week But A Double Issue The Following Week
clintos59  +   719d ago
I knew that this would be the outcome otherwise itachi would have killed sasuke if he knew he was a possible threat to the leaf village. That is why when he 1st encountered naruto he asked him, "Why he cared so much for sasuke"? After naruto reveals why itach knew that naruto would find a way to stop sasuke even if it meant sacrificing his own life because naruto loved sasuke like he was his own brother.

Later on itachi finds out more about naruto & tells him, "Sasuke is lucky to have a friend like him" then this is when itachi decides how everything plays out with his sacrifice & his brother knowing the truth about his brother it lead to sasuke wanting to know about the truth behind his clan & the leaf village.

After finding out the truth of everything about his clan, it only made sense from everything that happened that sasuke would not let his brother & his clans fate fall to madara's own selfish reasons and has chosen his own path as an avenger that peace can become a reality amongst the ninja world.
aDDicteD  +   713d ago
I really need to catch up to this chapter!!

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