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Valvrave the Liberator's 2nd Season to Start in October

Sunrise producer Hiroomi Iketani revealed, in a joint interview with MBS producer Hiro Maruyama on, that the Valvrave the Liberator television anime series will run for two cours (kūru) or two quarters of a year. The first season premiered on Thursday at 25:35 (effectively Friday at 1:35 a.m.) on MBS, and the second season will debut in October.

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Hergula1868d ago

Wait what? I don´t get it though, Does it mean that it actually has 2 seasons or it will just be aired in the form of 2 seasons, while still being one season?

Simon_Brezhnev1868d ago

Yeah it has 2 seasons. The animation is one of the best this season. I see they only got 12 episodes so it goes off in June.

Hergula1867d ago

Ohh, okay, well thats great! Thanks

Simon_Brezhnev1867d ago

Its hard for me to judge the show yet. I just hope the main character doesnt waver a lot. It seems like he will though.

Hergula1867d ago

I feel the same way, but as long as the wavering is justified in the anime, We´ll be fine :D

Simon_Brezhnev1867d ago

I will admit i hope he goes berserk. I'm trying to find which show has better animations out of this and Suisei no Gargantia.