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DAISUKI Interview with Eri Maruyama | Capsule Computers

Luke Halliday writes:

"Ahead of the launch of their upcoming anime streaming service on April 30th, I had the chance to speak with DAISUKI’s Eri Maruyama about Japan’s first anime streaming service. We discussed the goals of the service, whether it plans to compete with other services, the availability of DAISUKI, what content we can expect to get with DAISUKI and much more. Read on for our exclusive interview.

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masterabbott1835d ago

very interesting interview lets hope that Daisuki can give Crunchyroll a good run for their money!

futurefrog1835d ago

Daisuki and Crunchyroll wont be in direct competition it seems but they will be working together. Also it looks like Daisuki wants to put anime music on their service! Awesome :D

F-Inglese-941835d ago

This whole thing seems awesome. You really can't complain with something like this. :)

koga881835d ago

There always can be things to complain about. Like for example their website could be poorly designed or the streams could be low quality. Hopefully that won't be the case and they can set a new standard since it's all based in Japan, but sometimes Japan doesn't take to handling the internet all that well.

I am encouraged by the fact that they say they will be bringing the service to consoles as well. A possibly free anime streaming service on my 360 or PS3 would be a big plus.

KBug931835d ago

Seems pretty cool. Great idea for anime fans!

badboy991835d ago

japanese arent as good as american though with streaming they will make u pay heaps i bet

koga881835d ago

I'm interested in the fact that they will be adding an online shop to the service. It may be an easier way to get a hold of decent Japanese figures and various goodies related to anime shows that we can't normally buy. Sadly none of the shows they have picked up so far for streaming are all that interesting for me.

futurefrog1835d ago

hopefully more interesting variety of titles will soon follow, it does appear that they want to give a great amount of content with as few restrictions as possible, if they can make it work more power to them

koga881835d ago

One thing I'm concerned about though, is censorship. Obviously since it is Japan, they'll probably have some heavy censorship on fan-service related series since they don't want to poison their own market base by offering free streams of uncensored content. That's why only places like AT-X manage uncensored streams now and even the versions on crunchyroll etc tend to be censored. We'll have to see though since it seems that they mostly have shonen series and madoka magica.

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