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New Pokemon Revealed Last Week Confirmed As New Mewtwo Form

Gaming Vlog Network: ''In the newest issue of CoroCoro magazine, the publication confirms that the MewTwo like Pokemon revealed last week for Pokemon X and Y is indeed a new form of MewTwo. Nintendo hadn’t confirmed exactly what this new Pokemon was but now we know it is in fact MewTwo’s new form.''

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coolbeans1894d ago

Looks utterly stupid compared to the old one (imo).

Sentient5451893d ago

Here we really see a clash between the organic style of older Pokemon and the mechanically sleek design of the modern series. Personally I far prefer the previous artistic direction.

In this particular instance the older styled Mewtwo has a look of maturity to it which is lost in the neoteny of the new look. Unless this new pokemon is a younger pre-evolution form of Mewtwo (unlikely considering the specific lore behind that particular character) it is a failure as a design, in my opinion.