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Attack On Titan - Breaking The Walls Of My Mind

Frank Inglese Writes:

"The first episode of the Attack On Titan anime series came out two weeks ago which means there has only been two episodes released which means for two Sundays in a row I’ve just kind of sat there filling with these things called emotions, they’re kind of weird and make you feel stuff and anime usually doesn’t make me feel stuff, not like Attack on Titan does. Truthfully. Now, I never read the manga and I had no idea about this anime until a fellow Capsule employee Luke Halliday shared his first impressions of it and mentioned I should give it a whirl and see how I like it; it’s safe to say, I flippin’ like it! Out of the few Spring Anime releases I’ve been watching, Attack On Titan would, without a doubt, be my number one favourite title."

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Subby1892d ago

It's funny you mention FMA. I don't watch much shounen but this is joining FMA:B as an exception from what I've seen.

F-Inglese-941892d ago

Yeah so you understand exactly where I'm coming from :D

masterabbott1892d ago

Attack on Titan is definately worth your time, anyone that hasn't done it yet should give it a shot for sure!

Zefros1892d ago

But i feel like they have cencored the naime to much. they don't show the humans getting eaten. n my opinion altough the animation is amazing, probably one of the best ( if not the best) i have seen. the manga is better.

The Great Melon1892d ago

I do hope they crank up the gorging of the titans in the future. I didn't mind it in the first episode, but in the second there were to many shots of titans about to munch on humans. It became blatantly obvious that they were avoiding those images despite littering the show with people being picked up. My hope is that they will crank up the disturbing images more as we see many of the armed forces fall.

Another thing I hope they do less of are still shots. It's fine once or twice but it is a little jarring when they go from fantastic animation to something so mundane.

Simply put -- Budgets and censorship suck.

F-Inglese-941892d ago

The images are still very graphic though. The Titan that chomped on Erens mum was...kinda terrifying

Simon_Brezhnev1891d ago

Yeah thats why i might stay away from the anime and another reason im sick of Kaji Yuki voice. He is a main character of another anime. Sick of that whining voice. I read the manga and love it. I feel they might not stay true to the manga.

AkatsukiPain1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

The 1st episode was so good that it left me wanting more. I cant wait to see Eren get his revenge. This is going to be an awesome anime.

Shinra Tensei

futurefrog1892d ago

This series is mind-blowing amazing

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The story is too old to be commented.