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Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead to be sold exclusively at MCM Expo!

Our friends over at MangaUK have decided to listen to the voices of their fans!

On the weekend starting 24th May 2013, at the MCM Expo in the London Excel they will be selling an individual copy of the OVA from Highschool of the Dead which has never been released outside of Japan. This will be an exclusive release and not many details have been revealed regarding pricing but if you are a collector this will be perfect to add to your collection!

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Saviior951896d ago

I can't mark this as Fixed, sorry Gekko :(

Gekko1896d ago

No problem, I deleted the report.

SynGamer1895d ago

So...basically I'll have to wait for it to appear online somewhere?

Saviior951895d ago

Yeah Ebay will be your best bet, since this is the only time it will be sold it could cost a pretty penny :L

syphon321895d ago

It's already been out, its the one with them on the beach getting it on

Saviior951895d ago

Yes but it has never got a DVD release, thats why I cant wait for it since its the only place it will be available :)