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Naruto Storm 3: Swimsuit DLC (Ino, Temari, Hinata)

Namco Bandai Games Japan has released Naruto Storm 3 swimsuit DLC of Sakura, Tsunade, Ino, Temari, and Hinata.

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tayz1770d ago

i wouldn't buy this since it looks like they all have the same moves!!

Saviior951770d ago

They're clearly just milking this DLC thing now.

kingrj1770d ago

Just one of these bikini costumes is $3. That's highway robbery

TXIDarkAvenger1770d ago

Welp its optional DLC...but come on CC2, your making DLC at least make the DLC costumes from the show or movies. Or throw in some characters at least.

Max Power1769d ago

Come on people, they have vending machines for underwear, this is nothing.

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