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Submitted by Gekko 1028d ago | opinion piece

10 Reasons Why '90s Anime Is Superior To Today's

Topless Robot: ''The anime of the 1990s is cooler than the anime of today. There, I said it. The shows of yesteryear just feel right, unlike today's shows, where it feels like you're trying on a dress that's too tight (or even worse, pants that are too tight). Why do the cartoons of the (very recent) past hit the spot in a way some of today's offerings just can't? I've got 10 ideas as to why. Join me on this road down Anime Dissection Lane, won't you?'' (Culture)

Hergula  +   1028d ago
Thats a very bold statement, something I can hardly agree with. Anime is not like the film industry, as year after year we are treated to hundreds of phenomenal anime.

Also, this list, I need to give my two cents.

1-Cooler Character designs - Ur comparing DragonBall Z to Code Geass? How are they even in the same bracket when it comes to Anime?

2-To say that Gundam Wing plot actually made "sense", is odd as the story Wing has it far from "making sense", it is very complex and the plot changes all the time, hardly a good example of a plot that makes sense.

After the second point, I see no reason even making a case, the list is a complete opinion piece with no proof or facts behind what the writer is saying and over a 100 comments, so many likes, on something that is un-true and ridiculous... I feel sad for people who actually liked and agree with that article...
shivvy24  +   1028d ago
I actually liked the jap dub of yugioh 5ds
mamotte  +   1027d ago
See, nostalgia is good and all, but I disagree with this completely. Anime isn't inferior these days, it's just that people grow up, and lose the ability to get amazed at every single thing. In these days, there are lots of quality anime, with good characters, story, music, emotions, I'll even say that these days there's more variety. I just cant imagine slice of life animes like Nichijou, or the superb art from Jojo's... The Animation in the 90.

What's wrong these days is anime becomeing so popular, that all the series are reduced to One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and everthing that sells well. But believe, there are true gems hidden, you just have to search a little to find'em. (Or you can ask, you know)
admiralvic  +   1027d ago
You might be right, but I do think older series were a bit better. Like JoJo's Bizaare Adventure is based off a manga from the mid 80's, which also happened to have pretty good art.

Also on a random side note, both OP and Naruto started in the 90's, so if your point is indeed correct... wouldn't that in turn make the statement true? I mean if people want to copy things form the 90's, then the originals would be superior and such.
Hergula  +   1027d ago
While OP did start in the 90´s Naruto started 2002. You dont count the year the manga was released, you count the year the anime was released, as we are indeed, discussing anime, not manga, even if the anime is based on it.
wolokowoh  +   1027d ago
Naruto started off as a pretty good show though. It just didn't keep the same quality. The first saga/season with Haku and his master trying to kill the bridgebuilder was a pretty well delivered story. Bleach is horrible and I don't really have an opinion on One Piece only have watched a few episodes in hundreds of episodes in, but to chock to it up to those three is oversimplication. What about Soul Eater, Nana, Deadman Wonderland, Witch Hunter Robin, Basilisk, Fairy Tail, Ergo Proxy, Samurai 7, Lucky Star, Samurai Champloo, Ghost in the Shell: SAC and SAC, 2nd gig, Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, FLCL, and plenty of others. These were just the ones I own that became anime post 2000. Sure I value Rurouni Kenshin, Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Cowboy Bebop more than most of those but still I think you're overstating the quality difference
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hadouken182  +   1027d ago
Nothing may ever top 90s dbz for me. That n yuyuhakusho
markte  +   1027d ago
Yu Yu Hakusho is my favorite anime, and one of my favorite shows of all time.

I wonder how many Naruto fans know that the nine-tailed fox was inspired by a character from YYH?
ShoryukenII  +   1027d ago
I thought the fox demon was just some popular mythical thing in Japan. But I did notice that Naruto copied Hunter x Hunter quite a bit so I don't think that this is a stretch.

*To clarify by copy, I'll give some examples. Killua is Gon's rival (Sasuke and Naruto). Killua has a big darkness and has an evil older brother, Illumi (Itachi). Kurapika's eye power was copied by the Sharingan (ironic). Also, Orochimaru is a lot like Hisoka.

I wonder what the deal with all this copying from one author is?
markte  +   1027d ago
The nine-tailed fox was inspired by Kurama, in fact I believe the fox's name is later to be revealed as Kurama. With that said, I think it has more to do with the creator of Naruto was a big fan of YYH and got some ideas from it.

Like how the creator of One Piece was a huge fan of Akira Toriyama, and that is why Luffy is so much like Goku. But that is pretty much where the OP/DBZ similarities end.
hadouken182  +   1027d ago
I also want anime to show some realistic emotion. That cliche comedy bull doesnt work n never will. Its why animes dead now. That n over the top chaotic trash shows like bleach. Serioulsy tht shows just all over the place
markte  +   1027d ago
The reason I prefer the older anime to the modern ones, is because the older embraced imagination. The action was more over the top, the comedy was zany, and the characters were more endearing. In short older anime was crazier, which IMO made it far more interesting.
ps3_pwns  +   1027d ago
one piece is greater then dragonball, dragon ballz, and dragon ball gt combined ever were and not only that its a longer series where everyone can fight and have a chance to win if they have enough will. think xmen+ pirates where even wolverine has a chance to beat magneto or random guy who can shoot spikes out of there arms can beat phoenix or something like that.

naruto and bleach better then sailor moon.

only way you have a case is with the smaller 26-50 episode animes from back then because most the new animes are that girly love hina / old perverts anime with girls and kids doing nothing actiony or epic just them going to school which that stuff i dont even consider anime. if theres not action and fighting then its not anime.
Xanatos  +   1027d ago
What are you 10 years old? If you don't see people beating each other up you cant enjoy something? Do every anime fan a favor and don't call yourself one.

Better yet branch out and have a look at what great comedies and dramas you are missing like Great Teacher Onizuka, Golden Boy or Monster for example. If you cant enjoy any of these series then by all means stay watching One Piece, just remember to turn of your brain like I do to enjoy the pretty colors when you watch it, Tho I fear that may not be too hard for you.
ps3_pwns  +   1027d ago
nope anime is a medium for action and things that cant be done in live action form. why watch crappy anime people doing regular every day things when sitcoms and tv series do it better and have a larger real life community to talk about them with. no one wants to watch fan service 10 year old girls doing stupid stuff on tv. gives anime a bad rap and why people laugh and say its for nerds. you only destroying animes popularity with that crap outside of japan. dbz and other animes were known for there action and detail in its art and is why anime became popular in americas and is what anime is all about. this new anime is just trying to be like the american disney live action shows and american cartoons like recess but does it worst.

also the most popular animes are the ones with action naruto, one piece etc. except for that detective conan crap which is pretty lame going on for so long and solving reptitive cases.

the love hina bs is like the beauty contests in pokemon anime and the game keep that crap out more pokemon battles with action and adventure. none of that anime girl dancing idol.gif crap. to many pervs in the world already dont need to recruit more with the pedo animes.
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ShoryukenII  +   1027d ago
I sort of understand his point about One Piece. It's true that Luffy isn't the strongest character in the show and nothing can stop him (like Naruto). If any of the Four Emperors or Navy Admirals wanted to, they could wipe the Straw Hats off of the face of the Earth. You don't see that with other shonen today (except for Hunter x Hunter).

But, everything else he said is quite stupid.
Xanatos  +   1027d ago
Oh my, you truly are quite stupid arent you? First of all I am a One Piece fan as well but unlike you im not deluded, I know its a silly show meant for young males I take it as it is. Anime is not a medium for action, anyone reading your first sentence can already conclude that you are an idiot, I was gonna try and help you open your eyes but you are just too far gone, well at least you have your stupid friends who share your stupid views so enjoy that at least, for now.
PS4isKing_82  +   1027d ago
Attack on Titan is better than most recent animes I've seen in the past 5 years and it just started airing two weeks ago. And new mech anime series from sunrise Valvrave: the liberator is also an amazing new show. Check both out, you won't be disappointed.
ShoryukenII  +   1027d ago
Agreed. Attack on Titan reminds me of all the great shows that I watched back to back when I first started watching anime shows on the internet. I think I'll wait for it to finish before I watch the rest of it because the weekly waits will kill me.
blitzburns4  +   1026d ago
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE 90s anime- but that statement is just false. There are some Anime today that totally blow just blow that statement out of the water.

Hellsing Ultimate, Black Lagoon, Baccano, Phantom, Claymore [Edit: Those last two are debatable since the endings kind of sucked yet they where still great shows in their own right.] just to name a few.

Also, I don't think this article is necessarily fair...Besides the fact that he compares Anime that are totally and utterly different (DBZ vs Geass?!?) AND using a ton of generalizations he- STILL doesn't bring up the fact that some of the best anime from the 90s are getting remakes and re-releases by today's standards. For example, the remastered DBZ along with the Blu Ray versions of Yu Yu Hakusho, Evangelion, Gundam sort of gets constantly rebooted through the years as well. [Again debatable]

Overall. I thought that the article was a good one and an enjoyable read overall. However, I think in all seriousness we need to take off the nostalgic glasses. Anime is better than ever if you ask me. My Blu-Ray anime collection keeps growing every month. I love my 90s anime, but I also don't think it's good to be stuck in the past either.
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Hergula  +   1024d ago
I feel the exact same way, while the list is enjoyable to read, it is the furthest thing from the actual truth. Comparing DBZ and Geass, especially when they have nothing in common and when they are going after a different age group. The list is just foolish, which is ironic because the writer could have brought some facts to the table, after all no case can be made without hard evidence. If a deeper explanation would have been given to all 10 points, I would have been able to understand the writers view, yet it was a simple opinion piece where the writer compared many anime to DBZ.
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