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What Is It With Anime Conventions And Cosplay Rave Parties

"Everything now has its own community. Hip hop and clubs, rockers and metal heads have their concerts and in some towns even their own clubs. Anime fans have conventions and who thought geeks party as hard as we do. Yes Anime fans and cosplayers go raving in conventions. For some reason many conventions have started throwing rave parties for cosplayers and anime fans. I find it so cool and for lack of a better phrase, in style. Raves seem like the right type of parties for geeks and nerds."

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xilence1889d ago

Nerds and geeks are just people who like certain things and could be really smart. They can vary from ugly (based on opinion) to very sexy. That's how I see it. Cosplayers for the win. (;

D3acon1888d ago

Raves are just for the kiddies. just another opportunity to jump around and flail about.