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Submitted by F-Inglese-94 951d ago | opinion piece

Has Pokemon Jumped The Sharpedo? [Capsule Computers]

Kane and Frank write:

Ever since Professor Oak welcomed us to the wonderful world of Pokemon and asked us our name, and his grandson’s name, fans have been enthralled by a number of cute little creatures. As time passed there came to be more than the original 151. Some people didn’t take this too well. Since Chikorita poked its little leafy head into the fray as number 152, some “fans” of the Pokemon series have been in uproar over the decline of a once great series. Some only accept that there are 151 Pokemon and that everything else doesn’t count. Myself (Kane) and Frank, are here today to delve into this issue. Is Pokemon as good as it ever was, or has it lost the flair that defined it? (Anime, Gaming, Pokemon, Pokemon Black/White 2)

futurefrog  +   951d ago
I dont think it has jumped the sharpedo, it really will just keep growing more and more. I think it is fine that way as it will keep on reaching new audiences
F-Inglese-94  +   951d ago
Pokemon will live forever, everyone just needs to accept all the new that comes with the franchise
futurefrog  +   951d ago
you said it best funglete
koga88  +   951d ago
Haha, I like how they mention the "gotta catch em all" being taken out, since there is no way anyone could probably catch them all. Especially when you consider how Ash is practically allergic to catching Pokemon in the anime series and will do everything he can to avoid catching even some of the rarest pokemon around when he sees them.
F-Inglese-94  +   951d ago
and when he does catch them chances are he'll let it free a week later!
coolbeans  +   951d ago
It's time for a more appropriate phrase, closer in line with the lesson Pa taught us when we went fishing: "Gotta catch and release 'em all."
F-Inglese-94  +   950d ago
"Gotta catch 'em all...if you wan't, I mean, whatever don't even worry about it"

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