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Top 25 Best Anime Series

IGN España: ''Today we present a selection of 25 Japanese series, that in our opinion, have had more influence on the development of anime than any other. Our report also coincides with the great news: the decision of Guillermo del Toro to produce for HBO Monster version, perhaps one of the best visionaries of recent years.''

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Hergula1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Honestly though, I´m holding myself back from saying something very... very offensive, but I won´t, and I will give my opinion without going overboard.

I personally feel like for anyone to create a list of the best anime ever, is like creating the list of best movies ever or best songs ever. First of all it can´t be done as even if you decide to make a list up-to a certain point in time, the question remains, what qualifies as being "Best"?

I personally look at the quality animation, production, design, characters, story, plot twists, voice acting, the way the show builds itself up, episode design, etc.

This list seems just 25 of the most popular anime, instead of actually being "Best", as that word is terrible to use when creating a list, right off the bat your asking for people like me to get pissed off as there is no such thing as "Best" anime ever, as it all depends on the writers view of what the "Best" is, while in actuality "Best" means that the writer needs to look into the things I listed above, plus a dozen other things.

If it is the writers favorite anime, then say that, do not label them as "Best" because you like them, prove it with facts, look into the anime with depth, the directing, production, characters, story and tons of other things need to be considered for anyone to make a list and be actually able to put "BEST" into the title of it.

I apologize for the rant, but hey, someone had to say it.

No offence to the writer, I enjoyed the article and all, but the title disturbs me deeply and the concept of creating the "Best" 25 anime list.

andrewer1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

My List:
1 - Dragon Ball Z
2 - Dragon Ball
3 - Yu Yu Hakusho
4 - Digimon Adventures
5 - Inuyasha
6 - Pokemon (the first season)
7 - Sakura Card Captors
8 - Sailor Moon
These are my favorite ones. lol i like dragon ball a little too much, and my favorite animes are pretty old I think...

Hergula1846d ago

I got to give you props for adding Digimon to your list, Love the series myself, especially the first 3 seasons.

RPG12011846d ago

Relax that is just their opinion, everybody has their own personal fave's the trick is to respect everyone's.

I have been watching anime a lot lately and recently found a show that's called Eureka Seven, super recommended. It takes things from Evangelion, just like that one took things from others and gives it and original spin.

Embolado1846d ago

I will toss my one vote in for Claymore.