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One-Shot Manga "Mario" By Masashi Kishimoto

Frank Inglese Writes:

If you’re a fan of Anime and Manga you will definitely know what Naruto is, even more, you would definitely know it’s creator Masashi Kishimoto. Now if you’re a fan of Mr. Kishimoto’s work then get ready because he’s got something a little bit awesome to unleash into the Manga community.

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futurefrog1846d ago

Yakuza manga by Kishimoto? Colour my intrigued!

F-Inglese-941846d ago

I'm deff giving it a read

Simon_Brezhnev1846d ago

If its a Seinen i would give it a try.

vegnadragon1845d ago

He also did a baseball one-shot a few years ago, it was really good.