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Top 20 Anime Heroines You Love to Hate

Crunchyroll: ''Everybody has one: an anime character you derive actual satisfaction from trashing. Whether it’s a character so awful they almost ruin a show you love or someone who epitomizes everything that’s wrong with a show you loathe, sometimes the greatest fandom joy comes from gleefully indulging in character bashing. That’s the principle behind Japanese polling site Biglobe’s new poll ranking the top hateable anime heroines.''

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deep_fried_bum_cake1814d ago

WTF is with this list? I don't see how anyone could hate some of these characters. I find Shiina from Sakurasou an especially weird inclusion in at no.1.

Simon_Brezhnev1813d ago

I know right. I believe this same list was on that site sankakucomplex days ago.

DELETED2741813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

i love misogynistic article in the morning...


raiden-491813d ago

Manami Tamura is a very nice person and thinks of people first why hate her?

Hergula1813d ago

I hope everybody saw that it is a list based on votes, as in, it is not one persons opinion. Yet I did not find girl on the list that I "Love to hate"... Well, what you gonna do.

pompombrum1812d ago

Asuna Sao? Ranka Lee? Lulwut? If you're going to have a list, I'd fill it with people who are supposed to play the strong female character yet completely fail at it.. Sakura from Naruto being a good example.

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