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Girls und Panzer Ep. 11: The Battle Gets Fierce!

oprainfall writes:

“After a three-month-long hiatus, Girls und Panzer returned late March 2013 with episode 11, ‘The Battle Gets Fierce!’ It picks up right where episode 10 left off, with the elimination of gamers Nekonya, Momoga, and Piyotan from Ōarai’s match against Kuromorimine, accidentally but fortuitously taking a blow meant for Miho and her friends, whose tank is the flag tank for this match. Although I’m still disappointed they were eliminated in just one episode, I was impressed by how well they held up against Erika’s attack.

“For some reason, the girls are more verbose than usual about acknowledging orders in this episode. Whereas before, they’d respond with a quick ‘hai’ or execute Miho’s instructions and talk at the same time, this episode depicts each team individually echoing Miho’s orders before executing them. I feel this bogs down and disrupts the flow of the action, making the episode less fun to watch.”

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