Behind The Scenes of "Attack On Titan"

Frank Inglese Writes:

Imagine-nation, the anime/manga/game spotlight show, recently had an episode where they featured the the Spring Anime release Attack on Titan. They discussed a great deal of things like; the context of the series, it in relation to the Japanese industry of Anime and Manga, a look at the series from behind the scenes and more.

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futurefrog1388d ago

very revealing about the creation of attack on titan!

KBug931388d ago

Very interesting. They certainly got the sense of speed right.

futurefrog1388d ago

for sure I love that they acknowledge inspiration of spiderman

F-Inglese-941388d ago

I love when you can notice the inspiration before it's outlined

banjadude1388d ago

Just started watching - I'm pretty much addicted now, lol.

F-Inglese-941388d ago

Yeah it'll do that to ya :D

wantonGamer1388d ago

Aaargh, I wanna watch the videos but I'm only on episode five. I know there's spoilers but will the videos completely ruin the experience or is it kinda safe ?

F-Inglese-941388d ago

that's a bit of a tough one

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