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Top 5 Romantic Anime Shows You Have To Watch

Inside AX: ''Love is hard to come by, but finding a good romantic Anime is even harder. Don’t worry though, as The Anime List is back to inform you of 5 Anime series you should be watching. Join host Donell Tucker as he sweeps you away on a magical ride through the Tunnel Of Anime Love.''

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TheColbertinator1846d ago

"Say I Love You" isn't here.Lame.

TheColbertinator1845d ago

I liked it,not my favorite though.

Saviior951846d ago

Neither is Eureka Seven, granted its mainly adventure genre but the lengths those 2 go to to find love :D

fossa1845d ago

Yeah i can relate to the characters in fruits basket especially the guy who turns into a rat.Seriously i have watched all of these and my fav has got to be Toradora.
And just exactly why isin't Ano Hana on this list?