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Submitted by Gekko 935d ago | article

The Anime Power Moves Everyone Tried (And Failed) To Master

RocketNews24: ''Desperate to master the power moves we’d seen so many times in our favourite anime (Japanese animated cartoon), we practiced them day and night. Nothing impresses friends and destroys enemies like a well-timed “Turtle Destruction Wave”. Sure of our eventual success and rise to glory, we eagerly followed in the footsteps of heroes, mimicking their warrior cries and poses. Our best efforts were doomed to fail, but we kept on trying. You did too, right? Probably. Hadouken!'' (Culture)

DrRichtofen  +   935d ago
They forgot clapping my hands together to summon a transmutation circle lol
deep_fried_bum_cake  +   935d ago
Man, I had some fun times practising the Kamehameha.
Samus HD  +   934d ago
I actually tried to do the instant transmition too
Tales RPG addict  +   935d ago
tried numerous times to cast the GIGA SLAVE and failed to call upon the Lord of Nightmares.
N4OGs  +   935d ago
only lame kids do that lol
Hergula  +   935d ago
I agree with you, what is ironic is that 3 people disagree, what world do we live in where people try to do anime powers?... sheez!
andrewer  +   935d ago
kids world god damn it, I really wanted to master for example the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusion from dragon ball when I was 6, so stop saying these things...
tarbis  +   935d ago
sorry to know you never had a childhood.
Hergula  +   934d ago
So ur childhood included trying to do anime powers? Wow!
ironfist92  +   934d ago
He may have been born without an imagination, poor thing.
andrewer  +   935d ago
Tien Shinhan Tri-Beam
Hergula  +   935d ago
This is how I feel: http://triplefacepalm.files...
cero55  +   935d ago
Spirit GUN!
Whitefox789  +   935d ago
DarthBigE  +   935d ago
I can do it....with a pillow in hand....
alousow  +   934d ago
use to do the kamehamea on in the pool by splashin water

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