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Five Must-License ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ Anime Properties

The Fandom Post: ''As one of the longest running science fiction franchises in entertainment history, rivaling Doctor Who and Star Trek in its way, the world of Mobile Suit Gundam has expanded into several universes of mecha, combat, character development, and political drama.

So for a hypothetical question, if you were asked to develop a list of the Top 5 animated Gundam works ever accounting for both sets of continuities, how would you do so? What criteria would you use? Story quality? Personal taste? Mecha designs? Character development? Technical quality? Innovations? Facing the Kobayashi Maru of fandom articles here, I went with answer G: All of the above.''

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Subby1859d ago

I'd replace 0080 (as nice as it was) with 08th MS Team and add Unicorn as well. Would love more Blu-ray releases of these over here.