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Watch A FUNi Employee Go Insane Catching Up To One Piece

Japanator: ''Ah, the things people do for One Piece. And for marketing One Piece. Oda-sensei's great pirate baby is heading back to Cartoon Network's Toonami block, much to the rejoicing of nostalgic fans. It's not exactly going to be on prime time, mind you - the show opens on Saturday at 1:30AM EST - but it's going to be there for Straw Hats and night owls alike.

To celebrate (and promote) the occasion, your friendly friends and license holders at FUNimation are forcing Scott Porter, host of The FUNimation Show and the last person in the company that hasn't seen One Piece yet*, to watch a full two hundred seven episodes of the show back-to-back. That's several days worth of One Piece.''

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