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Sony's "Panopticon" is a PS Vita Game Named "Freedom Wars". Details, Screens and Trailer Revealed.

Sony Computer Entertainement Japan just partly unveiled the game that was previously identified as "Panopticon". It's a partly multiplayer "recapture" action game to be released in 2014 now officially titled Freedom Wars. (Freedom Wars, Gaming)

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ExCest  +   918d ago
This looks pretty cool (I mean, it is Japan Studio). Maybe something to add to my Vita collection (a collection that needs a boost).
SynGamer  +   917d ago
Definitely interesting, and with Sony Japan, most of their stuff makes it over here to the states.
nadav  +   917d ago
I think it's about time I buy a Vita. Looks like a triple A game. Vita will be getting a huge boost next year when all those people who have Vitas but don't own a PS4 will start buying PS4 titles for their Vitas.
coolbeans  +   917d ago
The concept looks rather interesting.
Chapter11  +   916d ago
I was really looking forward to this after that first teaser. Than I heard it was a multiplayer focused Vita game.
Kalowest  +   916d ago
This reminds me of Digital Devil Saga!!!

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