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Surprisingly Effective Language Of Dragon Ball — Twitter User’s Creative Way Rating Gaming Hardware

RocketNews24: ''I think we can all agree that Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball is one of the most popular and well-known animes in the world. Well, here in Japan, a good understanding of the story and characters of Dragon Ball is considered basic knowledge on the Internet, so much so that it has become routine practice for Japanese Internet users to ask someone to explain a complex story or situation by using the story and characters from the series as comparison. Yes, you’ll see people on message boards literally saying, “I don’t quite understand that. Can someone explain it to me in terms of Dragon Ball, please?”

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kingPoS1846d ago

Who taught Goku the Dark Hado? lol

VanguardOfCalamity1846d ago

pretty hilarious use of the Dragonball vernacular

PC - Goku
PS4 - Vegeta
XbOne - Yamcha
Wii U - Farmer with Shotgun

Zechs341846d ago

Pictures are hilarious!