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Super Heroine Chronicle announced by Namco Bandai; gameplay trailer released

Super Heroine Chronicle's first gameplay trailer gives us a look at the currently announced characters in action. (Gaming, Super Heroine Chronicle)

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koga88  +   644d ago
Man... I know the chances for this coming West are low but I really hope it does. If not then maybe it would be import city for this one...
Subby  +   644d ago
This is Project X Zone for the rest of us otaku.
koga88  +   643d ago
Yeah, and now that I think about it, there was that Cross Edge game. It featured mostly game characters as well instead of anime characters but it also came to the West. Maybe there is a bit of hope.
Subby  +   644d ago
Oh wow, oh my god. This looks so awesome. Insta-import! What was up with Sonico just bodyslamming? Hahaha.
RockmanII7  +   643d ago
I recognize 4/10 of the animes, but have only seen one (IS), I'll hold off until I'm more familiar with the source materials.
djfullshred  +   643d ago
LOL, Louise yelling "explosion" on her attack. Haha, will never see the light of day as a Western release, but I am geek enough to know all the characters.
tarbis  +   643d ago
Dejiko! My sweet little Dejiko. I missed her so much. <3

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