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Super Heroine Chronicle announced by Namco Bandai; gameplay trailer released

Super Heroine Chronicle's first gameplay trailer gives us a look at the currently announced characters in action.

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koga881282d ago

Man... I know the chances for this coming West are low but I really hope it does. If not then maybe it would be import city for this one...

Subby1282d ago

This is Project X Zone for the rest of us otaku.

koga881282d ago

Yeah, and now that I think about it, there was that Cross Edge game. It featured mostly game characters as well instead of anime characters but it also came to the West. Maybe there is a bit of hope.

Subby1282d ago

Oh wow, oh my god. This looks so awesome. Insta-import! What was up with Sonico just bodyslamming? Hahaha.

RockmanII71282d ago

I recognize 4/10 of the animes, but have only seen one (IS), I'll hold off until I'm more familiar with the source materials.

djfullshred1282d ago

LOL, Louise yelling "explosion" on her attack. Haha, will never see the light of day as a Western release, but I am geek enough to know all the characters.

tarbis1281d ago

Dejiko! My sweet little Dejiko. I missed her so much. <3