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Have We Been Too Harsh On Final Fantasy XIII?

Final Fantasy FXN Network: ''Perhaps one of the most difficult challenges that a video game developer can have is keeping its fan-base happy; gamers are a skeptical bunch that don’t tend to react well to change. It is this mentality that makes the task of developing for a long-running, fanatically loved franchise one of the most difficult in the industry. ''

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Canary1784d ago


I'm astonished that anyone is able to defend it, really. You have to be one hell of a fanboy to say the first half of the game "doesn't count," and even more of a fanboy to consider the gameplay in the latter half anything but disappointing.

aDDicteD1784d ago

Final fantasy series were getting better and better up until ff12 came out. ff13 was ok but it didn't delivered as good as ff 6,7,8,9,10. have we been to harsh? maybe.. but the fact remains that it has it's foreseeable flaws as well as not having the same nostalgic feel like the other ff games.