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DAISUKI Announces Third Part of Survey To Pick Future Titles

Frank Inglese Writes:

DAISUKI Inc. is the newest Official Anime Distribution site to hit the web and so far not a great deal of Anime has been set up to be viewed on the site, that’s normal though because it’s still growing. To help the growth of the site DAISUKI has had a couple rounds of voting, pitching the general public a great deal of Anime titles hoping we would vote and, well, we have…so much so that DAISUKI his opened up it’s third round of voting.

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Subby1781d ago

Good to see some quality classics most companies don't care about on the list. This is what will separate Daisuki from other providers like Crunchyroll.

KBug931781d ago

Can't wait to see what makes the cut.

masterabbott1781d ago

Daisuki is a cool... a cool what? Streaming website for anime? Yes I have to agree with you on that one.

Simon_Brezhnev1781d ago

Hopefully they make a roku app so i can watch some of them animes. I'm sick of crunchyroll. lol