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Holy S**t, Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Now Final Fantasy XV

Kotaku: ''After dropping off the face of the earth for over 1000 years, Square Enix's Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been once again shown at E3.

With gameplay.

Only now, it's become Final Fantasy XV. It'll be released on PS4.''

DEATHxTHExKIDx1055d ago

YEA Square enix sold me just PLZ give me a release date

Lavalamp1054d ago

Since it doesn't seem to be in their plans for their current fiscal year, you probably won't hear about a release date until March 2014 at the earliest.

KingPin1054d ago

dont hold your breath.
this will then be changed to release as FF25.
i could care less about this game

aiBreeze1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

Yeah and holy sh*t it's now more like an action game than a Final Fantasy game. Will withhold my full judgement until the game is out but the combat footage looks like a watered down version of DMC or something similar.

KwietStorm1053d ago

It's been like this since forever. It's like Crisis Core.

rataranian1054d ago

This is the game you people have been waiting for for like ten years now!? Omfg.

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