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Here’s a First Glimpse at The Boondocks Season 4

Junkie Monkeys: For over a year we have been waiting to see some kind of life from The Boondocks season 4. Thanks to the beautiful Regina King we finally get to see a first look at the new season!

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sunnygrg1801d ago

Boondocks is not an anime.

slimy the g8ter1801d ago

Technically it its. It's being made by the same studio as Afro samurai

Hergula1801d ago

oh my... Anyone actually like it? I mean seriously?

FamilyGuy1801d ago

I'm a huge fan, you must be crazy.

...Why are you even posting here?


Hergula1801d ago

I wouldn´t say that I´m crazy, I would say that I´m curious in knowing who likes it.

VitaOwner1801d ago

I've only been waiting for this show for years, so yes, It is awesome!

silvacrest1801d ago

the boondocks has cult status and is simply awesome

have you actually watched it to make any kind of judgement?

and please dont say i watch 1 or 2 episodes, that is not enough

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The_Blue1801d ago

YES!!! I love this show.