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Bleach 542 Review "Bleach 542 was recently released. This chapter is entitled “The Blade is Me“. In this chapter Ichigo’s real Zanpakuto was finally revealed. And contraty to what we are expecting, Ichigo now has two Zanpakuto, or two Zangestu, representing the two source of his power, Hollow and Quincy. Please continue reading my review of this chapter."

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1822d ago

Nice ichigo is dual wielding now. I hope he gets a new move finally. Its been Gestsuga tensho the whole series.

I wonder what juha has to say now.

Also they never said the Vandenreich Base was in Hueco Mundo.

Raf1k11822d ago

I agree with you. One thing I'm not keen on though is that it looks like there'll be no more interaction between Ichigo and the two Zangetsu.

His new Zampakuto still looks like it'll be full time release and it'd be intersting to see how he has them when they're not being used.

kagon011822d ago

Double Getsuga Tensho.

Ninte1822d ago

Just hope to see a new series soon.

ThanatosDMC1822d ago

I'm surprised that people still havent tired of this crap manga that is full of contradictions. So much BS and backtracking with the story and set of laws that was established then ref*cked.

d4sholil11822d ago

This was a good chapter as far as Ichigo knowing who he is, his origins, and getting his real Zangetsu. Now we just need it to be animated. Now it will be an even greater fight with Ichigo against Kenpachi = )...if they ever get the chance to play around. I do wonder what Ichigo's bankai looks like now.

ApolloTheBoss1822d ago

Most likely some kind of vasto lorde or ressureccion form. With a Quincy now added to the mix.

ltachiUchiha1822d ago

They need to hurry up and let us know zaraki kenpachi's sword name already now that ichigo is super ichigo. Hope he has new moves, kinda tired of seeing him have one special move.

wingman32x1821d ago

I love the look of his long sword. Not really a fan of the other one, but that might change when I see them in action. Hopefully this leads to more moves being added. Getsuga Tenshou is cool, but that's really been his only move.