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Submitted by ObstructedViewsNet 962d ago | opinion piece

ObstructedViews | Is Anime Running Out of Fresh Ideas

Dragonball Z, Pokémon, Cowboy Bebop, and many other staples of the anime industry are now just great nostalgic memories we all have in our hearts. It has been over a decade since we had a anime that truly captivated the world over. Could it be because we have run out of fresh new ideas to captivate the audience? Is it the end of an era for the iconic Japanese art style? (Anime, Cowboy Bebop, Darker than Black, Death Note, Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Alchemist, Industry, Manga, Mirai Nikki, One Piece, Pokemon)

FurankuTedaka  +   963d ago
I really enjoyed this article. Very unique look at the situation.
ObstructedViewsNet  +   963d ago
I am glad you enjoyed it!
LuffythePirateKing  +   963d ago
totally! this article wuz awesome!
Vashthatstampede  +   963d ago
i disagree i just dont get it
animeguardians  +   962d ago
Is the article arguing that CG is destroying anime? The article is far too unfocused.
LuffythePirateKing  +   962d ago
I thought it made perfect sense and was focused. Explaining that it is more of niche market than it was it just won't be as popular
Hergula  +   962d ago
"it is very apparent that the anime world is still alive a kicking. We just have to get used to this new idea that anime will never be as popular as it once was"

Say what? How can you come to such a conclusion without looking at the statistics and cold hard facts? Prove your point, don´t just write whatever you want, as it does not make sense. I do have to say that it was an enjoyable read, but it is an opinion, even though you try to make it look like you are writing about a fact. Anime is still in great shape, and to say that it will never be as popular as it once was, is simply... ridiculous.
shadowraiden  +   962d ago
erm anime is more popular now then ever due to the fact i and many others who dont live in japan can watch official subs online though crunchyroll or other similar sites.

i enjoyed the rest of the article and while they may not seem to be as many cult hits their is a few i would say stand out and possibly beat those of the past 30 years we all look at.
EL Lanf  +   962d ago
There's certainly less mega-popular, indefinitely airing shounens around, especially given Bleach and Fariy Tail have retired. That's hardly a problem though. I think the only big issue with the anime industry right now is the sheer plethora of school based anime. I like them, but it's generally pretty stale.

I think the article really needs to make the distinction between anime that are popular and the medium itself being popular. Almost all the examples are shounen, too. There are popular shoujo and josei anime out there too but probably could do with more exposure.
FurankuTedaka  +   962d ago
I see why people say that anime is as popular due to things like crunchyroll but I have to agree with the writer on this one. If it were as popular as you say it is would they not have it on cable or network television? It would be a market currently untapped that people could totally market the hell out of. Not saying anyone is wrong I just have a different outlook.
admiralvic  +   962d ago
There are a lot of ways to look at it and even more things to consider. One key difference is that this stuff is easier to obtain, which you note, but you fail to consider how that actually impacts the market. Back when DBZ and things were popular, torrents didn't exist, so a lot of places traded VHS tapes and other costly / inefficient things. Now that people can watch it and translators can finish it faster, there are a lot of people that can keep up with Japan and only have to wait a day (if even that). This makes it harder to sustain a market on television and the license fees / parent complaints and other issues start to come into play.

Another thing to consider is that there are more choices readably available, so while DBZ was "the thing" back then, people have the ability to pick and choose what they like a bit more. Networks dislike this because it's harder to know a winner from a loser (like Lupin, which is a great series, but failed horribly like Saint Seiya / Case Closed on TV).
FurankuTedaka  +   962d ago
Brilliantly put you make a great case there!
ObstructedViewsNet  +   962d ago
Your comments are extremely well thought out and you make a lot of great counterpoints to mine. Ever thought about writing for a website? lol jk
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blitzburns4  +   962d ago
Great article. I don't personally agree with 100% of the points but it was a very enjoyable read and it made my night. Thank you, ObstructedViewsNet, I have you bookmarked!
ObstructedViewsNet  +   962d ago
I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope to see you again soon!
kingPoS  +   961d ago
They've made great strides in culling the high school anime syndrome. At one point many shows were saturated with school bound dramas.

They're not that's it bad or anything, it's just not my slice of pie.

Current watching my backlog of Space Brothers
MangaTherapy  +   957d ago
I do agree that anime is just "there." Series like DBZ, Sailor Moon and Pokemon really are once-in-a-lifetime hits. I mean, they've been referenced in American pop culture more than any other anime.

Japan is trying desperately to find something that hits the world all over. I think they do want to go back to the days where one anime series got the world's attention, but things are so different now. Another problem is that most manga (which tends to be the biggest source of anime adaptations) today tends to made "for Japan only."

The anime industry is still in a state of flux, even with the sudden popularity of "Attack of Titan."
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