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Naruto Manga Volume 65 Cover Released

The volume contains Naruto manga chapters 618-627 and is scheduled for release in Japan on July 04. (Manga, Naruto)

tayz  +   662d ago
they should have had obito on the other side or ochimaru, not the first since he is standing next to the hokage
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   661d ago
nah this cover is good the way it 1st Hokage/Madara story time.
tayz  +   661d ago
or they could have replaced the 1st in the hokage row with orchimaru. having the 1st twice looks weird.
kingrj  +   661d ago
Not a bad cover
tayz  +   661d ago
it's ok, but i think they should have not had hashirama twice. it looks weird to me.

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