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Top 15 Most Annoying Anime Characters

After being incredibly pissed off at his video editing software rufusing to work right, Faries rages against the characters in anime that bug him the most.

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Hergula1386d ago

Man... That guy was enthusiastic!

coolbeans1385d ago

I think he was trying to replicate the annoying character theme for his own video to make a point. :P

Hergula1385d ago

Haha, u might be right.

Septic1385d ago

He tried.....he succeeded.

coolbeans1384d ago


Haha...indeed he did.

CrescentFang1385d ago

My pick would be Makoto Itou from School Days... I didn't like him very much in the anime or game...

Black-Helghast1385d ago

Yukiteru from Mirai Nikki.. Holy sh*t he was annoying af.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1385d ago

WTF Excalibur was annoying but he was hilarious which made up for it in imo.

Granted I have not seen all these animes I thought #1 would be shinji but he placed pretty high.

the_bebop1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Naga is supposed to be a foil to Lina and has an anoying voice but is not annoying. Excalibar is supposed to be laughed at and not be annoying. Naruto post pre-timeskip is annoying, post-timeskip is not, Sakura should not be on this list at all for what ever reason. hell yes to Shinji.

Vandamme211385d ago

Naruto defenetly deserve to be on that list.