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Chinese TV Rips Off Popular Japanese Anime?

One of this year's most popular Japanese anime is Attack on Titan. The show isn't only popular at home in Japan, but also in other countries, including China. There, the anime's opening recently became a focus of internet controversy.

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hazelamy1740d ago

a chinese knock off?
wow, never seen that before.

djfullshred1740d ago

Considering that China can't innovate, and only advances by ripping off ideas & technology from other countries, their shouldn't be anything controversial about this. It is to be expected that a communist country that stifles freedom of expression will have to resort to stealing from cultures that allow people to create.

Drkay1731d ago

You're obviously american. I can tell considering you are uneducated, believe china is communist, has no idea about chinas foreign policy (the complete opposite of americas 'attack anything that dares disgaree with the evil empire of america)') and you have shown you're jealous of china, typical of any american. Last i checked, america has yet to come up with anything original in media ir anything innovative or helpful to the world, no instead america just destroys and is a constant threat to world peace.

I'd say 'owned' but it is to be expected because you americans are easy game xD.