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Ani-Column: So How Will Fate/Stay Night Impress Us This Time?

Mr. Flawfinder: So if you guys weren’t paying attention on Friday, apparently there’s going to be another shot at adapting the Fate/Stay Night series by ufotable, who I think have become what KyoAni used to be with Key in that they really like this one VN company’s work. Therefore, I’m going to have to give it a try once it comes out and see if I can get into it. Apparently, it’s going to be adapting the Heaven’s Feel route, which is Sakura’s story in the original game, as well as the final route to complete after the Fate and Unlimited Blade Works arcs (which have been adapted by Deen and were incredibly shit). I didn’t know much about it besides that, so I took a quick look at the Type-Moon wiki page and whilst I didn’t read the entire summary because spoilers aren’t cool, it definitely feels like it could work.

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