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Watch Jessica Nigri Play Killer is Dead in New Gameplay Video

Popular Cosplayer Jessica Nigri has pretty much become Killer is Dead‘s testimonial (and the testimonial of pretty much every game by Goichi Suda, looks like), but how does she fare at actually playing the game?
Today Kadokawa games released a new gameplay video that answers exactly that question, showcasing Jessica as she does all sorts of damage and tries the difficult path of the gigolo killer.

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crxss1803d ago

i see jessica a bit at cons and e3 and not really a big fan of her but she's pretty funny in this.

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yeahokchief1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

she is gaming's jenna jameson. good or bad? idk. it is what it is.

those boobs are gigantic. each one is like the size of her head. you could take one of those and feed all the kids in africa.

idk im a fan of boobs but you reach a point where they get too big and it becomes a turn off. i guess its a personal taste thing. what is the consensus on her boobs here?

i dont know why i watched the video. i guess im fascinated by her breasts. it's like what are nigiris boobs going to do next? you never know.

yeahokchief1803d ago

Ok i think i figured it out. i think the reason i dont like boobs that big is because you dont get to see them shake, wobble and bounce around as much.

bounciness is key. thats why you dont want them too small but you also dont want them gigantic to where it is a pain for the girl to give them some freedom.

yeahokchief1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

for example if you look at her boobs in this video they dont move at all. they're just like plastered there on her chest. thats no fun.

id say anywhere from a full B cup to a full C cup is where its at. depends on the girl and the frame.

another thing i dont like about boobs that big is that they lose their pointyness.

MidnytRain1803d ago

You like pointy boobs? Anyway, about the "not moving" and "plastered there on her chest" thing; that's probably because they're FAKE.

Nodoze1803d ago

That's because they are plastic, just like her. Fake hair, tan, lips, boobs....a true human doll. She is the human epitome of empty calories. You eat, but it does nothing to nourish you.

The best part is that she will be rode hard and hung up wet. By the time she is early 30's she is going to look AWFUL.

When girls who rely on looks to get ahead, lose their looks they go loco!

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