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Why You Should Watch Steins;Gate

A truly addictive anime series arrives on Blu-ray this week. Ryan explains why you should watch Steins;Gate...

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Hergula1769d ago

I will watch Steins;Gate eventually.

coolbeans1769d ago

Is there an explanation for the title? I'm just curious about the semicolon choice.

djfullshred1768d ago

I don't think the semicolon has any significance(or makes grammatical sense). But the name itself is explained in the story.

coolbeans1768d ago

I see. Thank you for that.

Even though it doesn't makes any grammatical sense like you said, it's somehow...catchy in it's weird way.

djfullshred1768d ago

This show is great. Just finished watching, and would say it is one of the best I have seen in the last few years. Story develops slowly over first season, but by second season it is one of those "I can't stop watching back-to-back episode" shows.